removal tip

The Good Fortune Removal Company will bring the peace and happiness to the client.the company don't employe the one who charge the tip

Preparation Guidelines:
1.Choose the company that can match you need.

2.Choose the date of you remove, you have to book earlier double week if you want to remove during the weekend.

Noted to tidy up:
1.Please contain the bowl & plate & glass & decoration & book & micro stereo and the company and so on by the paper package in advance.

2.The clothing & shoe can been contain by the color plastic bag.

3.Finally. The big cooking machine can be packaged by the rubbish bag, in order let them to the staff set them into the garbage case.

Skill to tidy up:
1.The glass can use the paper to package

2.the cooking appliance can use the rubbish plastic to package

3. Book :
    a) A if need to line stair that only set up seventy percent, and put up the light thing to be full
    b) If needn't to line stair that can fill full.

4.Clothing-advice full fill with the color bag. And the hanged clothing that needn't put out the hanger, it can make the hanged clothing put out several set together to put into the bag.

5.Electrical equipment—the micro stereo can fill into the paper carton. The computer screen only posted the paper carton that is ok and can use more paper on it in order to protect it and put into the clothing together to be safe.